System Features

Graphical data quality review

View years of data quickly by simply dragging and dropping variables onto the graphing window. Users can easily create, customise, save & export charts with a few clicks

Hydrographic Gauging calculator

The discharge calculator and flow measurement reporting solution for storing all your channel, stream and river gauging data.

Comprehensive calculations

Extremely flexible and powerful calculations, including look up tables, formula entry, variable offset, and pre-defined statistical & Boolean functions.

Data history and audit trail

Meet your ISO14000 obligations and ensure your dataset is defensible. DataSight has a complete collection and processing history to ensure integrity and validity of critical data.

Regression analysis

Over 280 pre-defined models for describing the relationship between different variables.

Manual data entry

No fuss data entry with the Manual Data Entry tool

Row level database security and authentication

Ensure the integrity and chain of command for data history.

Automated reporting and customisable exports

Build customised reports and exports and send them anywhere in the world

Access and collect your data from wherever you are. Find us on:

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Evolve your data ecosystem with integrations that transcend networks and protocols.

1. Measure

Connect to any data, device or sensor at any location

2. Monitor

Analyse, evaluate and create customisable reports

3. Master

Control your site and data from any web-enabled device

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