DataSight has been used at Evolution Mining’s Cowal Gold Mine for many years, hiding in the background collating, alarming, and disseminating data as required. In the past two to three years there has been a dramatic increase in continuous monitoring on site.

This has led to the need for DataSight to manage data from a multitude of telemetry systems including GPRS, Radio, and LoRaWAN systems. Increasing the project complexity has been the use of telemetry from various hardware suppliers. DataSight is being used to ingest these disparate datasets into a single platform, enabling DataSight as the data hub that allows Evolution’s data to be managed, reviewed, disseminated, and pushed to Cowal Gold Mines third-party dashboard.

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  • Ingestion of data sourced from differing telemetry systems from approximately 150 sites.
  • Automatic calculation and review of data. e.g. rainfall in 24-hour reports.
  • Powerful reporting tools disseminating reports ranging from weather conditions to ground water levels.
  • Flexible and powerful automation capabilities especially for calculations including data transformations.


In the initial stages of the project, Evolution’s team was unsure how to manage the increase in data, the need to manage and control the data, and provide management with high level access. DataSight has proven to be the right tool capable of supporting Evolution’s various and complex needs, with current support operations primarily consisting of requests to quickly add additional sites and parameters, highlighting DataSight’s flexibility and capabilities.

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