Built Environment: Transport Corridors, Water Networks, Structural Health, Dams

Data acquisition, dissemination & automation to keep society moving

Envault is the innovative and trusted platform for increasing efficiencies, preventing incidents, reducing costs and maintaining operational assets.

Manage assets with real time notifications and visuals.

Use data to predict asset lifetime, schedule maintenance and detect and monitor faults. Envault delivers data and notifications that brings the site to you.

Transport Corridors

Transport corridors carry a complex combination of structural and environmental risks. Envault allows you to combine insights from weather, and air quality conditions, with structual and visual sensor data to drive informed decision making.
Develop and maintain smart transport corridors with integrated sensors, condition cameras, and real time data to ensure the safety and longevity of services.
From roads and rail to ports and harbours, keep society moving with Envault.

Water Networks

Whether you’re optimising efficiencies in wastewater management or monitoring the structural health of storm water networks, you need reliable data to make operational and asset management decisions.
Get your data working for you, employ envault to catch environmental exceedances, and deliver efficiencies through every stage of your assets life cycle.

Structural Health

Monitoring the health of structures, requires reliable real-time data. Envault allows you to schedule maintenance, track movement in real-time, predict asset lifetime and detect and monitor faults from any location.
Get in front of structural maintenance and prevent failures with the power of Envault.


Your licence to operate depends on your ability to provide traceable reporting around structural, and environmental monitoring.
Provide peace of mind to operators and downstream residents, through Envaults real-time data solutions, camera monitoring, reporting, and data management features.
Be it structual integrity, pore pressure, settlement, seepage or operations, Secure your licence to operate with the power of Envault.

Combine weather and air quality insights with structual and visual sensor data.

Develop customised graphical user interfaces.

Receive real-time data anywhere in the world.

Envault puts you in charge of your data

Tailor reporting to your business needs – now and in the future


Real time data for instant insights and action


Reliable uptime with global access


Bespoke data management solutions


Share data across organisations and platforms

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Turn data into action.
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